Portable Solar Generators

Ecolive Portable Solar Generators

Home Solar 800 W (1000 VA) - 4000 W (5000 VA) Power Systems

These are on or off-grid power systems, designed to provide stable and reliable electricity to homes or communities without consistent Eskom's electricity, or to those regions which are short of power or even without power.

These power systems are transportable with handle and wheels. 

They come with a full-feature LED/LCD display for system monitoring so that you can keep tabs on the remaining battery life and plan accordingly. 

These systems are very user friendly and easy to set-up, combined with reliable performance, making it ideal for situations where emergency power is required.

They an ideal and reliable energy source for a wide variety of applications, ranging from lighting, radios, fans, televisions, computers, solar refrigerators*.

The USB port is compatible with all 5V-USB charged mobile phones and devices.

This box is specifically designed with solar panel inputs for upgrades to an off grid solar system.

* Solar fridges draw very little current - somewhere between 70 and 100 watts depending on the size. Conventional fridges draw in excess of 1000 watts.

On- and off-grid solar systems are great for load shedding - as well as for those who live in remote areas where the electrical grid is badly maintained. Solar electricity is FREE once the hardware is paid for. The 1500 Watt system will keep you functional for up to 5 or 6 hours. The time will depend on the load you impose on the system. A much larger system would be required to take over the entire requirement of a house. That would be a great deal more expensive naturally. We have systems up to 4000 W available. There has been much talk of the new Power Wall proposed by Elon Musk. Such an installation would rely on Eskom power to charge the power wall on standby for Eskom outages. The Power Wall system would likely cost in excess of R200,000.

On- and off-grid solar systems rely on several critical components, including:

Charge Controller

The charge controller is a critical component of any standby power system with a battery backup. Overcharging is a major killer of batteries and a charge controller will monitor the charge level of your batteries and prevent over charging to avoid damage once your batteries are fully charged.

Battery Backup

Eskom AC battery backup is used for on- and off-grid solar systems to provide power during outages or periods of bad weather, when solar panels cannot generate enough power for use.

DC-AC Inverter

Solar panels generate DC electricity which is stored in deep cycle batteries, but converted to AC (household alternating current) by the built-in inverter. This AC current can then be used for lighting, large screen TVs, decoders, recorders, radios etc. A good, high-efficiency DC-AC inverter can make or break the performance and cost-effectiveness of an off-grid solar system.

Solar Systems - Don't let a failing electrical utility company spoil your day!

Do you live in an urban area where load shedding affects your lifestyle? During power cuts to your home you will lose your Internet access, TV service and in some cases mobile phone connectivity. How would you warm your food in the microwave oven? The systems below will provide you with services during those load shedding outages. In the event your local Telkom DSLAM for Internet access goes down, we have an alternate system to provide reliable Internet and voice services. Contact us for additional information in this regard. 

In remote areas, such as on farms, we can offer a solar powered satellite system that will provide Internet services and reliable telephone communications bypassing all SA ground infra structure & local billing.

The above units can be moved around quite easily on the fitted castor wheels.

Plug & Play integrated generator including Solar Panels

Features of the transportable solar generator systems for home/office - Stand-alone off grid solar system:

  • Small, transportable and convenient
  • Quick and easy user installation
  • Adapt the system to meet your requirements
  • LED/LCD displays system status at all times. Very intuitive.
  • Reliable and maintenance free
  • 800 Watt - 40000 Watt options
  • Plug & Play Integrated Power Station
  • Build-in controller 30A/12V
  • Build-in inverter 1000W pure sine wave
  • DC Output 12V/3A x 4
  • AC Output 220V/1500W x 2
  • USB Port 5V/1 x 2
  • Eskom Grid charging Port 15V/5A x 1
  • Lead-Acid Battery 200AH/12V x 2
  • Solar Panels 300W 
  • Battery charging function
  • Low voltage disconnection function (LVD)
  • High voltage disconnection function (HVD)
  • Electronic overload protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • High temperature protection
  • Indicator got working status
  • DC 5V and DC 12V output

User Applications

  • Traveling, camping
  • Hospital emergency rescue
  • Home/Office Appliance loading

Solar Generators vs petrol / diesel generators

Generators are an expensive solution long term.

Generator Electricity, unlike Solar, is never free. Generators require petrol / diesel and oil - as well as regular maintenance. Generators are very noisy and in Urban areas extra silencing will be required - if you wish to maintain a good relationship with neighbours. Lastly, the exhaust fumes need to be managed as they are lethal in confined spaces such as garages.

We would advise all users to isolate sensitive equipment from Eskom completely. The reason being that when power is restored to your home there is a huge electrical surge (spike) which could seriously damage sensitive devices like computers, routers and other network hardware. Exactly the same advice is recommended during electrical storms.

The above inverters are designed to work with a larger array of solar panels.

Our systems are especially suited to isolate sensitive hardware. Even conventional UPSs (Uninterrupted Power Supplies) will be at risk of lightning damage when power lines are struck.

Contact us on 010 880 0977 / 8 or email connect@ecodrive.co.za for package options & prices or additional information.

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