Wednesday 14 August 2019

Forget going battery electric, says Continental, the real future is in the hydrogen revolution

Despite being heavily involved in developing electric vehicle technology, automotive giant Continental has suggested that hydrogen will be the long-term solution to replace internal combustion engines.

The global electric vehicle race - who is setting the pace?

It is a time of great change in the automotive industry as manufacturers seek to move from fossil fuels to electric power. Although these are still relatively early days, who is leading the way in this seismic shift towards an electric future?

China is leading the world to an electric future

China has been an early leader in transportation electrification, and in 2015 it surpassed the U.S. to become the world’s largest electric vehicle market - a title it has maintained ever since. 

Tuesday 13 August 2019

Falectra uses Zortrax 3D printing technology for electric prototype

A young Polish designer has created a comfortable, economical and green transport solution for city dwellers. Using modern technology in bringing his Falectra electric motorcycle to life.

Porsche is reinventing its main plant to handle Taycan production

The introduction of the all-electric Porsche Taycan turns out to be an unprecedented challenge, with the German manufacturer investing roughly €1-billion in its main production plant, which should start making the Taycan from next month.

Melting plastic waste could fuel cars

Scientists at the University of Chester in the UK have found a way to use un-recyclable plastic waste to produce hydrogen, which can fuel cars without producing greenhouse gas emissions. 

In next-decade Lotus will go electric with all new models

Lotus will unveil an all-new gasoline model at the end 2020, but after that every new model will have a fully electric versions - including Elise, Exige and Evora in all-electric models.

Elon Musk says internal combustion engines belong in museums

Cars powered by internal-combustion engines will soon belong in museums, said Elon Musk in a Tweet on Friday - adding that the traditional cars are merely a "passing fad" that will soon "look cool in a museum."

Karma unveils its first all-electric car, a hypercar with insane-looking doors

Karma Automotive, formerly known as Fisker, has unveiled its first all-electric car, described as a “statement about the direction of Karma’s future product offerings in both technology and design.”

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BMW charging station reuses old EV batteries

BMW Korea opened the first electric car-charging station in Korea that reuses electric batteries as it strives to carve out its own space in the local e-mobility market.

Modular car park transformation system

Car Park Transformer has developed a next generation of their Modular Car Port solution resulting in value out of car parking areas and providing comfort and extra services for customers. 

Monday 12 August 2019

Automotive industry in talks to pull South Africa into electric car era

Nissan, BMW and Volkswagen are among carmakers in talks to bring the electric-car revolution to South Africa, as the nation’s auto-factory floors risk being left behind in the global switch to greener vehicles.

Spy shots of BMW i4 electric car captured in Europe

Scheduled for production at BMW’s factory in Munich in 2021, images of BMW’s i4 electric car have been snapped in Europe - showing it being pre-production tested in full camouflage.

Bentley’s EXP 100 GT: The Electric Vision Of Luxury

The iconic British carmaker, Bentley, has unveiled the experimental EXP 100 GT electric vehicle as a highlight to its centenary celebrations. The concept looks ahead 16 years to the year 2035, providing a vision of what its cars could look and be like in the future.

Rivian releases New "Let's Ride" R1T electric pickup image

Not to be outdone by the highly anticipated pickup truck from Tesla, Rivian is in the final stages of testing its electric pickup - before the start of full-scale production next year.

Sunday 11 August 2019

What can we expect from the Tesla pickup?

The Tesla truck is front and center on everyone's minds these days, being perhaps the most anticipated electric vehicle of all time. Yet not much is known about the truck, which Elon Musk says will cost less than $50,000.

Saturday 10 August 2019

Innovative hubless motor electric motorcycle rolls towards production

RMK’s E2 production prototype has one of the most innovative motor designs in an electric motorcycle, with the motor situated within the hubless rear wheel.

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EU engine-tech project could help gas catch up with gasoline

Could natural gas really be the future or is electric the way forward? Some biofuels are attractive for use in vehicles as they have a potentially low energy cost to produce. They also have lower criteria emissions, of the sort that affect human health and cause smog.

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Mercedes confirms posh EQ Concept For Frankfurt Debut

Mercedes-Benz promised a new EQ concept that "embodies the flexible, customer-oriented and sustainable vision" of the brand - so hopefully it's the EQS been seen out testing recently.

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Porsche Taycan performance tested

Fully Charged’s Jonny Smith was given a unique opportunity to test the Porsche Taycan’s performance consistency, and was able to confirm its ability to handle repeated acceleration runs without running into thermal limits. 

BMW releases new 225xe Active Tourer PHEV

With higher energy battery cells, providing 25% more all-electric range in the new 225xe Active Tourer - in an otherwise untouched powertrain, BMW is gradually upgrading its plug-in hybrid lineup.

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The good, the bad, the heavy: NeuWai electric bike concepts

Songuo Motors took the opportunity to four new motorcycle and scooter concepts at the Seoul Motor Show, although production models won’t be available until 2020.

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A hydrogen powered car that emits water instead of carbon dioxide

The Rasa is novel and sophisticated in engineering terms. A fuel cell provides electrical energy when hydrogen is combined with oxygen - and that electrical energy produces power to run the engines while emitting only water. 

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Friday 9 August 2019

What is holding electric vehicles back from mass adoption?

Demand for electric vehicles is a function of their cost, one third the total price of which is the cost of the battery - which also dictates the electric vehicles’ performance.

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Will we ever see a fully self-charging solar production car?

The electric car is at a similar stage to the one the original automobile found itself 120 years ago. The basic idea of personalised transport has been established, but the source of its fuel is still very much up for grabs. Way back when, the fight was between steam, petrol and, yes, electricity.

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Hyundai's got the electric racing itch and it means to scratch it

It's not yet know exactly what kind of electric racing Hyundai Motorsport is targeting, but a new video teaser suggests it could be e-TRC touring cars, while it's also believed to be eyeing out the Extreme E off-road-series.